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First off this morning all kindsa goodies from including this NSFW Item, and this little ditty, also NSFW.

Here's some work safe pics from today, including one for [ profile] nsingman's viewing enjoyment. )

Here's something swiped from [ profile] countessgregula, Read more... )

Here's Thursday Rush )

Work has been pretty routine the past couple of days, I now have to carry stuff to troubleshoot telephone problems in my truck, where I'm going to stow it, I have no idea! Yesterday afternoon was spent repairing a signal leak in an underground subdivision, great day for playing in the dirt for sure. I came home, had dinner, and despite my intentions of going to the gym, I dozed off and woke in time to see the Blue Jackets game, I guess the Pod Jackets were waiting in the locker room to replace the actual team during the first intermission, great comeback win, but even Pod Denis makes me nervous in goal.

This morning I thought something was kicking rocky's ass because he was making a lot of noise after I let him out, but I think he was just trying to protect me from a deer or something.
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Here's some interesting ad placement from the folks at

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but first.. The horriblescope )

and now for Rush.. Cue the Dragon )

Here's a campaign sign from the good folks at )
and here's another pic that I found amusing in a pervy sort of way...NSFW )

Before things go downhill I'd better start getting ready for work...


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