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The "Tad Bit Heavy" won a blue ribbon in the prestigious WV State Fair Homebrew Competition (there were only 6 other entries).
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Oh!! The high is only going to be 85 today! I'd better break out the heavy coat. A storm already went through this morning, with more "pop up" showers throughout the day.

On the agenda for the rest of the week is getting ready for the MBO in Huntington this weekend, I've got Kraut Ball fixin's to get together and begin the great krautball fryathon. I should get my judges assignment this week. Hopefully I won't be judging Jackie's brew.
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I can now say I've sampled Westvleteren 12 , wow! It makes me want to open a monastary! I have a smoking jacket I can wear so the wardrobe is taken care of. It was a very interesting class last night on a beer style I'm not very familiar with.

Before class I made a stop at Walmart, it was in the typical pre storm panic. Now the panic has gone to include bottled water along with milk and bread. The weather channel just showed a bit about how to survive being stranded in your car during a snowstorm. My method for surviving being stranded in my car during a snowstorm? Don't be out in a car during a snowstorm.

I have my storm rations of cheese, crackers, trailmix, jimmy dean breakfast sandwichs, beer so I'm all set, except for the winning powerball ticket which I plan on picking up later so I can start my monastary (heavily fortified compounds don't get the tax break that monastaries do)
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The Penguins beat the Lightning last night 4-1. I conked out at the end of the second period when it was 2-1. Mike Lange had just said "Geeeeet in the fast lane Grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll" after Jordan Staal got the second goal.

Oh and the Flyers extended the Rangers LOSING STREAK to 5 games last night as well! So Yay for the Flyers as well!

I had a Highland Brewing Oatmeal Porter and an Arcadia Ales Starboard Stout last night, with all that oatmeal I think I can skip breakfast today, well in theory anyway. I slept pretty good anyway, only waking up a couple of times when the rain sounded like a firehose on the side of the house.

There are still plenty of unanswered songs in the latest random play meme

They did a plug on the John Boy and Billy Big Show yesterday for ubatuba brand boxershorts. Features include an "off centered fly" to prevent "fall out", and also a pocket for stuff you wish you had a pocket for when you're running around the house in boxers.

Monster Trucks in Huntington tonight, eerr wait...*Big announcer voice on* HUNTINGTON... We're going to turn the Big Sandy Arena into a pit of MUD MUD MUD...*Engine Noises* We'll sell you the whole seat, but you're only going to need the edge....*big announcer voice off*

They have a jet propelled recliner at this one.

ok, I've covered Ice Hockey, Beer, a new design of boxer shorts,and monster trucks... only one thing left... The Indian version of "Thriller", yep you read it right. and here it is behind a cut for those who might be afraid to look )

And here's something just for [ profile] sharkbait because I'm bad like that )


Nov. 18th, 2007 11:13 am
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Abita Jockamo IPA is awesome!!! Probably the smoothest IPA I've ever had.

I guess I'll have to start bugging the guys at Leo's and the ABC to get them to start carrying it.

Breakfast this morning was from Hardee's! Yay for greasy biscuits!

Thanks to youtube, here is the Peter Frampton commercial )

For those with some extra beer on hand for the holidays, here's some holiday recipes that use beers.

I have some pictures from the weekend, I'll post them when I get them off of the cameraphone. They include some hat modeling and a couple of pics of the security guard from The Liquor Barn
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I open a Yuengling Black and Tan during the first intermission and the Penguins score two goals and take the lead over the Washington Crapitalls

Guess I'd better make another B-double E-double R- U-N to stock up for the playoffs
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Two beers and a REK singalong make for a good night's sleep!!!

Thanks goin out to [ profile] msanborn for the reminder that today is a very special day

and because there's just not enough Dexy's in the world... )


Oct. 27th, 2006 01:12 pm
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I shoulda got a party pig ages ago! It will really come in handy at Cinci next year!


Thanks go out to [ profile] sharkbait for the card! I was laughing my ass off all the way from the mailbox to the front door over that one.

and for those wondering, I've got all the parts for my costume. Look Out world
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Work today wasn't too bad, had an early outage over in WV that was power company related, so I went to the office, loaded up a generator and headed to Greenup for another outage. this one ended up being a breaker flipped in a power supply. Then it was back to the ranch to install my Voip modem which went entirely too smooth with the number porting etc. Then it was off to check a distribution line, where I found a squirrel damaged service drop which I replaced and then it was time to refuel the truck and call it a day!

I came home and started laundry. I need some sweatpants for tomorrow since I'm going to start working out again. I get 30 days free at the Vitality Center since I was a Physical Therapy patient. I used to work out ages ago, but got out of the routine. If nothing else I can get caught up on my reading while on the stairmaster.

I think I'm going to brew a batch of Scotch Wee Heavy Ale. The name I came up for it is [ profile] sharkbait approved so that's good enough for me..

"Blue Silk Ribbon Scotch Ale".


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