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The last week of on call this year. I worked this weekend due to the outages from the storm, 12 hours over the weekend. 90,000 people in WV are still without power from the storm.

I jumped in and bought a smartphone last week, I was finally able to pick it up yesterday and spent the evening getting used to it. So now we have a smartass with a smartphone. for those curious I picked up a Motorola Droid. I've been amusing myself with various aps for it. I have one with the BJCP guidelines just in case. hey you never know! I might need to identify a beer one day.

I was going to brew a barleywine this weekend, but since duty called I had to put it on hold. I'll have to brew this one outside since there's no room on the stove for the big pot.

Still no word on the guitars, Since I'm off work Thursday I'll be taking care of some odds and ends, including filing the insurance claim on them. I'm listening to David Gans right now and it's really making me wish I had an acoustic. I had 12 string fever this weekend when I was listening to some Pink Floyd. Bastards!

Time to get ready for whatever round today is.
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Pretty peaceful night last night, slept about 7 hours or so, did the usual routine, some shopping, breakfast at Bob Evans and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I also got some DMB shows converted from FLAC and SHN and burned to CD for [ profile] ratherberidin12. Right now I'm listening to one of the most underrated bands of all time, The Marshall Tucker Band, some nice laid back tunes for a Sunday afternoon. I'm also brewing up a batch of Rasberry Wheat Ale, and getting ready to watch the last race of the season *sob sob*. I didn't kick [ profile] sharkbait's ass this year as threatened, but I'm already dropping the gloves for next season.. C'mon!!!

After reading [ profile] chaptal's post about couch burning, I was inspired to google couch burning in Morgantown, WV. Let's gooooo mountaineers!!! and found some merchandise!!

This just in via text from [ profile] sharkbait.

Congrats go out to [ profile] crystalgee and [ profile] soundwave106 who are now engaged!

and since she'll be back to read this sometime over the next day or so..the .
congrats [ profile] sharktiger71 and Scott who got married in Vegas last week. I saw Tammy and Randy the other day, and they send their regards as well.

That's all for now, gotta prevent a nasty boilover!!

Brew Day!

Aug. 13th, 2005 04:28 pm
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I decided to follow the on call tradition of brewing some beer today. I picked up a recipe kit for an Amber Cerveza. So far the pot hasn't boiled over, I did drop the can of malt extract in the water, but I think I got it out before any damage was done.

I picked up a Bolivar Fuerte cigar at the ABC, I might smoke it this evening if I decided to go out in the garage and shoot some pool.


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