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First off a couple of birthday shout outs...[ profile] barneygrizzley, and also to the one and only [ profile] puck_nut. You share a birthday with roman emporer Constantine, Actor Howard Hesseman (Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP), actor Adam Baldwin(not related to THE acting Baldwins),Ralph Nader, and to little Chelsea Clinton. I hope both of you have a great day, and many more happy birthdays.

and as a ht to old local radio station trade shows that did birthday announcements... We also have a young lady who has a collection of 8 tracks, a ringer washing machine, a roter tiller, and some adorable kittens for sale.

Am I the only one that is really freaked the hell out by those airwick commercials? Elephants married to soccer playing centipedes, Skunks shacking up with aardvarks. Sheesh It disturbs me even more than the Nasonex bee with that Eurotrash accent. Bring back normal commercials!

and local news....
They did a show about price gouging at gas stations so they sent a film crew out to take some footage. They got some random shots of gas pumps, a woman gassing up her SUV, and a shot of US 60 road signs. what's that all about. I don't feel any more informed about the issue after seeing that video footage.

Last night I had a great burger and a pint at the beanery, followed by a hot chocolate from Tim Horton's, I won a free coffee on their rrrrroool up the rim contest. Go me!!!

Guitar class starts up again this week, so tonight and tomorrow night will be some practice. Robin's website has been updated, check it out here. It now includes some of his artwork, along with a schedule of workshops.

According to the forums on , someone posted something about Ohio fans shouldn't be too hasty to make Memorial Day plans. Kinda early, maybe a show at Schott Center? Should I dust off the Monopoly Board? muah hah hah hah!!

That's about all I have time for this morning, gotta go to work so I can pay some bills! Later folks!!


Oct. 17th, 2006 06:54 am
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Maybe my mind is in the gutter this morning, but the jacket the newest Channel 13 newsgirl is wearing has a couple of buttons that make it look like it's really really really really cold in the newsroom this morning.


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