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Some of the spam I get is surveys over "Pepsi Vs. Coke", or "Quizons vs Subway", but today I got "Which Domestic Goddess is your fave? Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray"

ummm Rachael Ray is a "Domestic Goddess"?

the subject read "Martha Vs. Rachael", and I got all excited thinking they were going to battle it out, my money of course would be on Martha, since she's done hard time at camp cupcake, in Alderson, WV, but alas it's just a survey. My money is still on Martha though. In the kitchen or in the Big House, Rachael would be Martha's Beeatch!!

Now that that's out of the way and we all have scenes from women in prison movies only with Martha and Rachael as the main characters, it's on with Mule Day..

After making it through 2 CDs of the "Remembering Allen Woody" compilation it was off to DQ, where I hung out with [ profile] sharkbait for a bit then headed off to guitar class, getting caught in traffic, and stopping at Target to pick up a Memory Card for Sharky. In rotation on the CD player was some Dick Dale, Hayseed Dixie, and Mule. We worked on a fiddle tune for this week.

now I'm having a beer and watching the local news. woohoooo....


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