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I ended up with 10 hours OT yesterday, due to the remnants of Ike blowing in. I ran a generator in Greenup for about 4 hours, replaced a bad power pack in an amp out spring valley, only to run back out on another outage after I got home and was dressed for bed. It ended up being power related and was back on so i went back home and went to bed at about 1 AM. I'm too old for this shit!

From what I heard on the radio the race sounded like a good one, I really hate that Kyle had problems. It was also great to see the Steelers beat the browns. The World's Strongest Man Competition is over, with Mariusz Pudzianowski winning and Charleston's Phil Pfister came in 4th place.


there's a new Pizza Genie commercial
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Ryan Newman's show car is making the rounds of Alltel stores of the Tristate. [ profile] sharkbait snapped a picture of it for me yesterday, and also sent it to an unsuspecting person who inherited my old OGO number. Good thing it wasn't a picture of Kyle Bush's hauler. Since very few actually like Kyle. I'm looking forward to the All Star Race this weekend. I'm usually not to big on All Star events, but there's a million dollars on the line, and anything can happen.

In racing related news Kyle Petty's 2008 Charity Ride route has been announced. I'll be sure to give them a wave when I see them along the highway that week. Or if I time it right catch one of their fuel stops and say Hey to Kyle(Petty), Robert D. Raiford and Mickey Jones.

Since it's an election year, I can post this. ). It comes to mind every time I hear someone mention "swing state".

That's about all I can come up with this morning, so I guess I'd better start getting ready for yet another day of fun, adventure, and rain. Yep, big shocker there, it's going to rain today!
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I'm going to feature Uncle Warren "Dangit" Haynes for Warren Wednsday for the next few weeks! Today's selection is...Read more... )

I checked NSFW News this morning and found out that it's "National Condom Week" in New Zealand. I guess in the spirit of the week, everyone should take some time and go to your favorite drug or department store, and buy a pack!

and in racing news.. Kyle Bush fined $150 for improper driving

and in Hockey news, Edmondton is one win from the finals! [ profile] puck_nut will recognize one of the faces on their coaching staff. It seems like it was just yesterday when he was seen prowling the Huntington Civic Center with a Coors in hand. Ah, the good ol days!


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