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Pretty peaceful night last night, slept about 7 hours or so, did the usual routine, some shopping, breakfast at Bob Evans and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I also got some DMB shows converted from FLAC and SHN and burned to CD for [ profile] ratherberidin12. Right now I'm listening to one of the most underrated bands of all time, The Marshall Tucker Band, some nice laid back tunes for a Sunday afternoon. I'm also brewing up a batch of Rasberry Wheat Ale, and getting ready to watch the last race of the season *sob sob*. I didn't kick [ profile] sharkbait's ass this year as threatened, but I'm already dropping the gloves for next season.. C'mon!!!

After reading [ profile] chaptal's post about couch burning, I was inspired to google couch burning in Morgantown, WV. Let's gooooo mountaineers!!! and found some merchandise!!

This just in via text from [ profile] sharkbait.

Congrats go out to [ profile] crystalgee and [ profile] soundwave106 who are now engaged!

and since she'll be back to read this sometime over the next day or so..the .
congrats [ profile] sharktiger71 and Scott who got married in Vegas last week. I saw Tammy and Randy the other day, and they send their regards as well.

That's all for now, gotta prevent a nasty boilover!!


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