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Truck is back up and running. Ended up being a defective hose clamp.
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New work truck blew a hose, was overheating (insert Pervy comment here)
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Not a lot going on here lately, They cut back on our OT at work and I have to admit it's nice working 40 hour weeks. I miss the extra money, but I'm on call for three out of six weeks coming up soon.

I've been learning a little more about Fiber Optic splicing at work, starting to get the hang of it.

The Bob Seger show was postponed, word is he needs surgery for multiple herniated disks.

No word on the Christmas Jam lineup yet. should be any day now
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What a day what a day....
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No power this morning. Trying to get dressed in the dark. Should be interesting
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Crazy busy this weekend, 27hours OT since Friday night.

Going to PA today to get a truck tomorrow.

Here we go

Sep. 1st, 2017 06:52 am
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I've made several attempts to post something over the past few days but my train of thought hasn't been able to leave the station.

Starting a week on call today, with Monday being a holiday. Tuesday I'm headed north to get signed out on a new truck, driving back on Wednesday.

As of the last meeting we are no longer to finish our shifts if we come in early. Now we are to leave after 10 hours maximum. On call is still the same. They don't want us working more than 16 hours at a time, but won't say anything otherwise.

As much as I'd like to sit around in my boxers and drink coffee it's time to get ready for work.
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Susan and I went to Mothman country this weekend for the geocaching weekend. We went to the event Friday night before the night trail was kicked off and started on it. after one find in about an hour and a half and almost 3 miles of walking we both decided that a nice cold hotel room, and some cold beer was more appealing. The next day we had a great hotel breakfast, followed by an event at a local coffeeshop, and a few other events before the caches were published. There were a total of 17 caches over about 13 miles. There were some pretty creative ones along the trail, including a footprint, an egg, and a fire extinguisher. One was about a 1/4 mile hike back into the woods, and involved throwing a rope over a tree limb to pull it down. Followed by a walk back. I parked a little closer and made it a little shorter of a walk but probably upped the terrain a bit.

After finishing the trail we went to a local BBQ place, great food and service.
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Early start at work.. yuck


Aug. 11th, 2017 07:50 am
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Off call at last! I did a naked happy dance this morning
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Rainy day out in spring valley wv. In yet another system problem report. What better way to wait on a downpour than by poking around online? I moved my interests from lj over to here and added some new ones I've found. Trying to find a place to host images, since I lost my underwear modeling pictures.
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I have a System Problem Report close to the house, so I don't have to go to the office today. I hate system problem reports because a lot of them are things that I used to do when I was in the service dept, but now they just turn them in to maint. And they make about the same amount of money. Go figure. I do have some extra time today to hang out around the house a bit so that's a plus.
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I covered call for one of the guys this past weekend. My final OT count for the weekend was 25 hours due to storms and power outages. The majority of the weekend was spent driving back and forth all over creation. I managed to get about as much sleep as usual over the weekend. I'm dragging this morning though.

Gonna need more coffee!
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Early morning start in proctorville Ohio today. Start time of 3:30 AM. Yuck yuck yuck
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In honor of Tom Jones birthday I should have put a sock in my pants.
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I ordered a pair of the Duluth Trading Bullpen boxer/briefs recently. They are designed to keep everything in place while being comfortable, and they do just that. Very comfortable as are all their products.
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Short work week here, and we're shorthanded due to vacations. Been crazy busy this week, lots of ladder work too.

I think I found out what has been aggravating my sciatic nerve. I had been hanging my tool bag on the right side when I go up a ladder and that's where the pain was. I switched around to the left side and haven't been in as much pain. I'll keep it up and see what happens.
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It was a pretty lazy weekend, after going to Huntington to see a couple of bands at the Jewel City Jamboree we went to Waffle House. That was the big activity for the weekend since Susan worked Sat and Sunday night.

Decent turnout at the Jamboree, for Huntington anyway. Rev. Peyton and his Big Damn Band put on a great show, and are really nice people.

I booked hotels for the upcoming two city Mule run. Columbus on a Tuesday, Cinci on Thursday. Hoping to be able to hit Brew Dogs, and maybe Old Firehouse Brewing in Bativa, OH on the trip.

Looks like it's about time to put some clothes on and head to work for short and shorthanded work week.


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