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I'd like to hear a good Bluegrass band do a cover of Zevon's "Dirty Life and Times".

Maybe the Circuit Riders, since they did a great version of Neil Young's "Powderfinger"

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there are two, and both were Gov't Mule shows.

The Deepest End show at the Historic Saenger Theater in New Orleans was memorable because of all the guests, and the fact that it was such a marathon. Highlights were The Dirty Dozen Brass Band joining in on "John the Revelator", and Bela Fleck and Victor Wooten joining in on "Patchwork Quilt".

The other was on a cold December day in Cincy. It was chilly when we left and it got even colder once we were up there. Some beers were consumed at Rock Bottom before the show, and I was frisked by security on the way in. It was a great show as it was but before the Encore I saw Farmer tuning up a black three pickup Gibson Les Paul, I didn't think anything of it until Warren announced that they were going to bring their new friend out to play a couple of songs with them for the encore. My jaw dropped when he walked out on stage.. It was none other than Peter Frampton, or as I exclaimed "HOLY SHIT, It's Peter Fuckin Frampton"
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The Gov't Mule Deepest End show at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans. The show kept going and going and going...

The Yes Symphonic Tour at the Palace Theater in Columbus was great.


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